10 Kitchen Gifts for the Foodie/Home Entertainer

I put together a collection of kitchen items that the Foodie/Home Entertainer in your life would appreciate.  Many choices out there; how to choose the right gift for the Foodie/Home Entertainer?  Easy; choose from the below list to ease the stress in deciding..


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Kitchen Tablet Stand – because some recipes might be stored on a tablet these days. Enrich the gift with a tablet!



Bru Joy Garlic Press – because a gadget that cut down time is awesome. Augment the gift with a bunch of organic garlic!



Four Bowl Bamboo Serving Platter – because a person who entertains at home never has enough serving platters.  Elevate the gift with jars of nuts and olives!



Rice Cube – because it is cute and unique. Magnify the gift with boxes of rice to get started!



Modern Chafer Alternative with Grill – because who wants a hot dish to go cold on a buffet. Compliment the gift with fuel containers!



Salts of the World Collection – because salt is needed in a lot of dishes, so why not experiment with flavors.  Spice up the gift with natural popcorn!



Glass Pot with Lid – because this pot goes from freezer, refrigerator, oven, stove, and microwave all with the beauty of seeing the food from all angles.  Boost the gift with Holiday pot holders!



Double Christmas Oven Mitt – because it is cool, seasonal, and supports a small business. Supplement the gift with some red, green, and white dish towels!



Menu/Message Tile Board with Pen – because this is my new favorite product for the home entertainer to help welcome guests, inform of meal/activity times, or menu.  Spice up the gift with variety pack of sharpie markers!



Extract 4 Jar Gift Pack – because anyone can give spices, why not give a variety of extracts.  Enhance the gift with measuring spoons!



Party on…



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