A few morsels of info about me that is current today but always changing & evolving with the experiences I encounter:

  • My passion for parties started at a young age, attending numerous family parties.
  • I would rather attend a party, than host one.
  • I enjoy checking out other websites to get inspired;  http://showmeashley.com  gave me the idea of listing a few things about myself.
  • My favorite part of working on this website is the ‘Behind the Party’ interviews.
  • Getting to Spain is on my bucket list.
  • A pet peeve of mine is when 2 or more people are at a table for a meal and the TV is on (exception, Super bowl).
  • Love trying new foods, but sometimes I prefer tasting before I know what it is
  • Prefer tea over coffee.
  • Prefer red wine over white wine (but drink more white, since I eat more chicken and seafood).
  • I am grateful for my tribe of fellow bloggers (they know who they are).
  • I believe that life is too short, so go get your parents or grandparents or whoever’s recipe you enjoy and get the recipe from them TODAY (best when you can cook at least once with them for hands on learning).
  • My wish is to inspire you to disconnect electronically and connect with others, whether at a house party  a restaurant, a coffee house, a pub, a roller rink, wine bar, comedy club, etc.
  • I have judged over 30 food competitions
  •  I am a certified food judge thru the World Food Championships
  •  I am a certified BBQ judge thru the Kansas City BBQ Society

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Party on…