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How many cookbooks do you own (total)?

I like my cookbooks to have meaning, and I like to actually be able to make the recipes in them, so my collection is probably just fewer than 40 books.  Lately most the cookbooks I have purchased as book published by friends, it is so special to make recipes that I know they have put their hearts and souls into.

Oldest cookbook/entertaining book you own? How old? Meaning behind it?

Just recently a good friend gave me Martha Stewart’s Hors d’ Oeuvres published in 1984 as a thank you gift for a project we worked on together. It’s treasure for sure!

What inspired you to write a cookbook/entertaining book?

I have always felt I would write a book. I could see it in my mind, I would visualize myself holding it and turning the pages. As publishing became reality it was natural extension of my business for it be about entertaining, tablescapes, flowers and recipes – I really wanted to spread the message that everyday can be a celebration and not to simply wait for the holiday’s to set a beautiful table or gather friends.

Best hostess gift you ever received?

I am a huge fan of giving and receiving champagne as a hostess gift. It always fits and it will never go unused!

Hostess gift that you were most proud to give was?

Beyond champagne, I love to find the perfect guest hand towels to give when I am visiting someone’s home. It’s a gift that most of us will not buy ourselves but adds a wonderful personal touch to a powder room.

A party theme you enjoy putting together? Why? Krayl Funch Spring Tablescape x1000sq.1

I would have to say that my favorite tablescape to create is a fall or harvest themed table. The natural beauty of the abundant produce and seasonal foliage or garden clippings lend them to a table made for feeling grateful.

What is an event/moment that you or someone you know celebrated that is not your standard reason to entertain at home (Holidays, birthdays, & graduations)?

I love hosting a Summer Solstice gathering at home. It is actually a much celebrated day in many cultures but not in the U.S.A. for reasons I am not sure of, however it is a wonderful time to celebrate the new season and all it has to offer. Create a fun menu based on what is locally available in your area, serve a Summer Solstice cocktail and spend the night under the stars with friends.

If money were not an issue, what are some items you would rent/buy specifically for a party at the home?

One of the biggest luxuries, and favors, you can give yourself during a party at home is to hire an extra hand or two to assist you in the prep, service and clean up. Since I have a large collection of dish and glassware, I would indulge in hiring a few trained staff members to allow me to spend more time with my guests during the gathering – and to linger after with clean up.

Where do you like to get your invitations from?

Great question! I LOVE a paper invitation from Invitation Consultants and try to send them whenever possible! If I am using an electronic format then is my go to.

You would love to receive an invite to the home of?

Lately I have been obsessed with watching Kevin O’Leary, of Shark Tank, on Periscope and his beach home looks pretty amazing so I am going to say Keven. Plus he might give me a pointer or two!

Other than him, Andy Cohen, Martha Stewart, Ina Garten and anyone who happens to own a New York City penthouse with a roof top garden.

While at someone else’s party you attended what element(s) that stood out at their party that impressed you?

Ahhh – A friend of mine has a large antique footed silver champagne bowl that she fills halfway with ice then easily nestles 4-5 bottle into on her counter to chill and serve champagne and white wine. I first saw it about 10 years ago at her home for a fall harvest dinner – I still dream of that gorgeous piece.

Party trend you see around the bend?

I hope entertaining more often at home is. We are spending too much time in restaurants. It is time to open up our homes again and feel the pleasure of creating something for your friends and family.

Go-to items to have in pantry, in case someone is entertaining on the spot?

Champagne.  Chilled glasses.  Assorted Cheeses.  Carr’s Water Crackers.  Caspari napkins.

Recipe you would like to share?

Perfect Mint Julep

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