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Recently I came across this website titled “Be Envied Entertaining”, and was instantly drawn to it do to its simplistic styling.  I wanted to investigate how similar or different our goals for our sites were so I contacted Sarah, the creator of Be Envied Entertaining.  After a nice long phone conversation, it was not hard to determine that Sarah wants to be your one stop website for getting connected to all things related to having parties. Be Envied Entertaining is a new site that is growing rapidly with new content so check back regularly.

My personal favorite part of her website is the entertaining blogs, which detail numerous aspects for a specific type of party theme (Ex. Mardi Gras Brunch).  You will get links to recipes, inspiring pictures to demonstrate the chosen theme, and where to purchase other products needed to help assist in pulling together your selected party theme.

When Sarah is not working on developing her website or recipes, she also loves to put together her own parties.  This is the reason I contacted her again to find out just how she parties and her insights into entertaining at home.  Therefore, take a peek and find out what goes on behind the party…when I interviewed Sarah.

sarah-2-223x300You love to share socially a variety of wines with others; however which is your #1 choice for serving at your home?
That depends on my audience. If there are wine drinkers in the house, I will go for a Ramey wine. If my guests are occasional wine drinkers, The Prisoner works best as it is a good blend and crowd pleaser.

You love to share fresh flowers ideas….best tip for getting fresh flowers for your home?

I think Costco provides the best flowers for the price. Most people do not know this, but you are able to order bulk flowers from them in advance for an event.

What’s your best advice on how to give flowers as a hostess gift?
Try to pick a container that fits the host’s personality and style then arrange accordingly. Then you are gifting a nice piece they can use in the future.

Why does cooking &/or entertaining at home bring you joy?
My husband and I love to cook and try new flavors and of course share with others. I always say the best parties are in the home. They are more intimate and you are able to show your dearest friends a great evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

You would prefer to host a Brunch, Lunch or Dinner party? Why?
I LOVE brunch, mostly because I love breakfast food. I once served breakfast for dinner for a party. It was a huge hit! I also think it is one of the easiest ways to entertain. There are so many wonderful brunch dishes that can be made ahead.

Do you ever pass out favors to your guests and if so what is one that you enjoyed giving
We hosted a James Bond party for the 50th anniversary of James Bond. We gave out mini bottles of Gin and Vodka to the men and OPI nail polish in the Skyfall theme to the ladies. I love themed favors and I like to customize them for the ladies and gents.

What is a current party trend that everyone seems to do or wants to do?
Dessert or Candy Bars, Specialty Cocktails.

You don’t know unless you ask, so putting it out there…who is the one person or more that you would love to invite over to your home for a party?
My idol, Ina Garten. I might even try to make some of her recipes to see if she approves.

Share a little detail you enjoy adding to your parties?
I love unique place cards. I think it take the pressure off of guests to pick a seat. And it allows you as the host to seat people according to conversation preferences. And guests love to see their name displayed in a creative way.

What do others tell you is the hardest thing about throwing a party?  What is your solution?
Finding the time to do it all. Prepare in advance and serve some store bought items. Create the items that you will have most fun preparing. If you don’t like to bake, don’t do it. There are plenty of places to get a fabulous cake!

Sarah’s golden rule about parties is…..
Entertaining can be hard, so make it easy on yourself by doing things in advance. Also, there is no shame into having a few store bought appetizers or a custom dessert from your favorite bakery.


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