Fall 2013

Who cares if they show/RSVP or not?  I do!

I would not have sent you an invite if I didn’t want to you show, so yes I care.  I’m not sure if I’m in a minority or majority on this issue, but a guest list is a thought out process and sometimes a cost issue as well.As a receiver of an invite & the expectation from the sender for an RSVP from me (the term ‘R.S.V.P.’ is a French phrase that stands for “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which means “please reply”), I believe we have a responsibility to reply accordingly and it is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

With all types of ways to communicate with others these days, there is no excuse.  I recently had a party, & let’s just say that a handful said yes, and handful said no.  Some, though, said yes and did not show, some showed up while no RSVP was received from them, and one other checked in with me 1 hour before the party. When I speak to other people about parties, this is typically the main complaint about hosting.  So, as they say, if I can influence one person (and hopefully more) to get better with the RSVP process then this post was worth it.

But now to the people who got the invite, said yes, and are now at party.  It is the season of Halloween and Thanksgiving, a time for getting together.  I have a simple request, I want you to turn off the electronics and appreciate all the Party Host has done to make this a special day and mingle with others that said yes!

I am not alone on this request; Thomas Farley and Diane Gottsman even have an initiative on this topic called “Thanksgiving Unplugged”.  To check out more about this crusade and to download the pledge form use link below.

thanksgiving unplugged

Party on…

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