Let’s PEDAL, then PARTY

May is National Bike month, spring is here, and summer is fast approaching.  How does pedaling a bike relate to parties, you may be asking?  Easy, invite local friends &/or neighbors over to join you for a BIKE PARTY!
Invite party guests to ride their bike over to your home for a gas free transport.  Once all the guests have arrive, but prior to the group ride, pass out prefilled water bottles to each guest that could also second as the party favor for each guest to take home with them.

Also, besides planning the meal and getting your home ready for the party, I suggest working on a pre-planned bike route that would be comfortable for all riders attending.  And when the group bike riding part of the party is over, why not provide guests the opportunity to freshen up with the following amenities:  hand towels for each, basket for used towels, face wipes, spray deodorant, powder, and misting face spray.

IMG_2986.1-300x227After returning to the house and while your guests are freshening up, I suggest having ingredients ready and waiting in the refrigerator to go in blender for a yummy tropical banana smoothie drink for guests to indulge in.
Menu for this party does not require any further appetizer besides the smoothie.  Just work with a brunch menu if it was a morning ride, or go the salad route if a late morning or an afternoon bike ride happens. Check out my Brunch and Salad boards on Pinterest for inspiration and recipes.

Party on…

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