Billy and I met each other while vacationing in Tahiti. The best word I can use to describe Billy at that time was prepared. I mean this is a guy that knew he would be staying in an over water bungalow and didn’t want that once in a lifetime experience to go to waste.

I know you are wondering, what could Billy have been prepared for in Tahiti? The answer is simple: a collapsible fishing pole.

Yes, Billy bought his own fishing pole and started fishing right outside the bungalows. The only negative part for Billy was the fact that the beautiful fish were caught and then released back in the South Pacific Ocean. Otherwise, I am sure if Billy had the resources of a kitchen he would have loved to clean, prepare, and cook the fish along with some side dishes to be served right on the over water bungalow decks.

Besides fishing, Billy is a family man who shares a passion for music with his dad. His dad is a professional guitarist, who is best known for his work with Bobby Fuller (I fought the Law) and Ricky Nelson.

However, Billy’s music career started with his first drum set at age 3, then a mandolin when he was 5 years old, guitar in teen years, all taught to him by his dad and along the way he got hooked.

You may find Billy and his dad at a local honkey tonk, wedding, corporate gig, and most dear to their heart is the charity events; such as the American Cancer Societies, Relay for Life. The band has been around playing since the 90’s and has several CD’s (current CD is working on going to the front burner). For more information on Billy’s band, ordering a CD, and schedule information, check out his website below.

However, for our interview I got the following insights into Billy’s home entertaining life:

P5168001.1.new_smallFavorite place to get recipes?
Usually from fellow fisherman, while fishing.

Hostess gift you enjoyed receiving the most?
I’ve had fishing buddies bring over some fantastic fish/shellfish! That’s always a nice treat! Although, my Uncle Brian has laid some wonderful steaks on us. MMMMMM

Meal you would make to knock my socks off?
Butterflied lobster tails on the barby. Then there is always tri tip (i.e., the cut of beef from the bottom sirloin primal cut) with gorgonzola/onion stuffing.

When guests come over you would prefer they not…
Arrive late! When it’s time to eat, let’s get to it while the food’s warm.

Name three things always in your refrigerator?
Milk, cheese, and yogurt! Moooooooooooooooooo

On average, how many times do you entertain at home?
Several times a month.

What is the oldest thing in your kitchen?
Family cook books.

Kitchen gadget you could not live without?
Toaster oven. I often toast sandwiches and also make quesadillas/burritos. It’s healthier than frying in butter/oil.

Have you ever taken a cooking class?
Never, but I would be game for any class! I have a lot to learn!

Favorite after dinner drink to serve?
We usually recruit our Keurig for this, for the variety of coffee/teas.

Favorite celebrity chef?

Why does cooking/entertaining bring you joy?
I often cook with home grown veggies and fish/lobster/crab from recent trips. It is nice to share these things with family and close friends. Can you say fresh?

What one gadget was a waste of money and one gadget that was worth the money?
I am a big fan of the George Foreman grill, which I use on the boat while fishing! We make hot sandwiches, burgers, and burritos. I have not had bad luck with any gadgets yet.

Music you like to cook with?
No surprise, funky blues because it always gets my creative juices flowing. I love Gov’t Mule, The Funky Meters, Dr. John and Maceo Parker.

Check out the recipe page for Billy’s Bleu Cheese Dressing ….yum!