Jenny and I have known each other for many years and most of the times that we have spent together have been at parties or vacations that were party-based. During one memorable vacation Jenny gave all the guests a little something special to appreciate while doubling as a favor to return home with. To this day I still have that shirt and slippers to accompany my fond memories of that Girls trip.

Jenny typically loves to entertain at home, but lately this has taken a bit of a back seat over the recent years. The reason for this break is because several years ago Jenny became a certified pet photographer; three of her favorite photos can be seen below. This job keeps Jenny busy during the day and sometimes on weekends (precious party time!). Jenny also loves to give back to her community and volunteer her photography services to numerous non-profit organizations to help assist with photos of pets to help future pet owners see these rescue/shelter dogs and cats at their cutest.

It’s been a while since Jenny and I have partied together, but this did not stop me from contacting her to get her insights into all things party: i.e.; food, drinks, and pets that live in the party house.

Read Jenny’s profile below about her insights to home entertaining, and go to her website to find out more about her photography business and volunteer work.

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Who did you learn the most about cooking from?
My mom and cookbooks.

How many cookbooks do you own?

Favorite kitchen gadget you could not live without?
My kitchen aid mixer and Cuisinart food processor.

Music you like to cook with?
Light music….usually 80’s or music that brings back fun memories for my age group.

One thing you always do at your home when entertaining?
Serve hors d’oeuvres, beer, and wine.

What is the newest thing in your kitchen?
Apple slicer, we go through a lot of those because we eat a lot of apples!

penny-9655-300x240Name something you always do as a guest at a party?
I always bring a hostess gift and I always offer to help.

When guests come over you would prefer they not….
gather in the kitchen. It seems inevitable, but makes it difficult to finish cooking/preparing the food.

Favorite hostess gift you ever received?
I always love getting wine. I like to try new ones all the time. I think monogrammed cocktail napkins make a wonderful gift also.

Ideal party size…number that you enjoy entertaining for?
10 – 12

Favorite game/activity you enjoying doing with guests?
I used to host Bunko parties and that was fun to do with the girls.

What is best part about being a guest at someone else’s home?
No clean – up and trying new foods.

Name an ingredient you have not cooked with, but would love to one day? Why?
Saffron, I bought it once and never used it.

If you could invite any celebrity over for a dinner party, who would you invite?
Ellen DeGeneres, because I think she’s super funny, cool, and she’s a huge animal advocate, which is the biggest reason I love her!

romeo-4500-240x300If throwing a party and you have a cat….you should do what with cat during party?
If the cat is friendly and social, I wouldn’t do anything with the cat (unless he jumps on counters, then I would put away in a closed door room).

Same question, but dog?
I don’t usually put my dogs away, unless they are becoming stressed. Otherwise, my guests tend to enjoy my animals and they usually become the subject of conversation. However, if a dog begs or disturbs guests during mealtime, they should be crated or put in a closed door room.

If you have a pet at party and want pet involved in pictures with guests, any advice?
First, make sure the pet is not stressed. If they are cooperative, I think it makes for fun pictures.

Guests at a party with a pet should not…
feed them, without permission.

Do you have a recipe of yours that you would like to share?
This recipe is not mine, but it is my new favorite salad!!! YUM