Jimmy and I met recently at a food and wine festival; we were “next door neighbors” in booth terms. I didn’t get much of a chance to know Jimmy on this day since the customer demand for his Bloody Mary’s kept him busy all day. Therefore, a week or so after the festival was over, Jimmy and I reconnected and this is what I have learned about Jimmy.

On-site participation and serving his award winning Bloody Mary’s at any kind of food and beverage festival is where Jimmy enjoys his time the most. However, when Jimmy is not at festivals, his second favorite hot spot is a great bar; he states “when you find the right atmosphere with the right bartender and mix of people, I could stay all day/night (and sometimes do) and just have a ball”.

Jimmy’s initial interview has helped remind me that I can’t forget that there are two types of people needed for a home entertaining experience: the host(s) and the guest(s); Jimmy falls perfectly into the guest category. He is not one to cook at home much, never took a cooking class, doesn’t own a cook book, or entertain at his home very often. In fact, I believe he mentioned that he had held a party many years ago at his home for a Packers game and they lost. That was the last time Jimmy entertained for a group of people at his home.

So as a guest to numerous parties, inventor of Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix, and entertaining host at other venues besides his home, I did uncover Jimmy’s insight into his entertaining experiences:


Did you come up with Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix on your own or was the recipe passed down?
On my own. It started back in college many, many moons ago when I had my first awesome Bloody Mary and then it became my daily drink made from scratch and perfected over the course of 20+ years. Every time I went out and found a good one I always asked what their “secret” was and from there I tinkered until I got my perfect blend just right.

Favorite kitchen gadget you could not live without?
I would need a blender for mixing my home-made Bailey’s Irish Cream and of course a bottle opener.

Name 5 spices always in your cabinet?
Not sure if I can even name 5 spices. Salt, pepper, chili powder, Lawry’s, Wauwatosa Spice (a unique spice blend from a little local spice shop specifically for Bloody Mary’s that some friends bought for me way back when I was still making Bloody Mary’s from scratch).

Name 3 condiments someone should always have for Bloody Mary’s?
Celery, olives, and Claussen pickles. But you should NEVER have just 3 condiments. Pepper jack cheese chunks, cherry tomatoes, pickled Brussels sprouts, picked asparagus, garlic marinated mushrooms, shrimp, pepporoncinis, Old World Wisconsin beef sticks, and spicy dilly beans are other condiments that I use to load my Bloody Mary’s up with. When I had a little more time I used to actually grow and can the spicy dilly beans because they’re very expensive and nothing compares when they are properly canned.

When guests come over you would prefer they not…
…show up unannounced or even worse would be showing up early unless they want to be put to work.

Why would Jimmy’s Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix be a perfect hostess gift?
Because it’s something every drinking/entertaining household needs. Include a bottle of the Original and the Sneaky Hot blend, a bottle of vodka, and a few specialty garnishments to make the ultimate gift basket. Toss in some Jimmy Luv stickers, t-shirt, coasters and you’ll be immortalized as the best guest ever, even if you’re a boring stick in the mud.

What is the best part about being a guest at someone else’s home?
Everything from them planning, cleaning, preparing for and cleaning up from the party. Although I am glad to help in anyway I can with any of those chores it’s just so less stressful for me when it’s not my house.

Jimmy_Luv_Cupid_Flying_smallWhen it comes to kitchen stuff do you collect anything?
No. Although, after attending so many liquor shows, I’m collecting quite a counter full of new and interesting booze. Time for a wapatuli party I guess.

Name an ingredient you have not cooked with, bu would love to one day?
No clue. Even after 30 seconds of mind numbing thinking I can’t come up with anything

If you could only pick one recipe from your website to make, it would be?
I’ve made the Sloppy Joe’s several times because it’s easy and they turn out awesome. By the way, that recipe came from a high school buddy of mine. To get this recipe go on the recipe page.

Any advice for a future home entertaining host?
Make sure you have plenty of Jimmy Luv’s on hand for the morning after the party especially for those who decide to stay over. That way you can get up, start the process to get rid of the shakes/cobwebs caused by a night of drinking, and then do it all over again.

In the recent past whose house party was the best you attended?
Johnny’s (part of the Jimmy Luv Team) Christmas/Birthday party. The reason it’s so awesome is because it’s one of the few times of the year where we’re able to gather all of our life-long friends in one place and get really drunk and stupid. Also, there’s normally some silly theme that makes people interact. For instance, we had a “nick name” party where it was up to the other people at the party to “rename” you. Here was another year where a bunch of goofy phrase were put in a bowl and everyone who attended needed to pick one and wear it like a name tag. One of the classics was “I used to date Brian” (Brian is our friend that looks like Magnum PI).

Is there a second party you would like to mention and why?
Probably just Christmas Dy with my brother-in-law Tim’s family. My family is very dysfunctional so my Mom and I are always invited to celebrate the birth of Christ with them. They’re a fun and incredible family

Best advice to give on being a great guest at someone else’s house party?
B helpful and be respectful. Don’t be like so many who feel they should be waited on. If you dirty a plate, at the very least walk it to the sink and rinse it off. If you make garbage, put it in the damn garbage can and if the garbage can is overflowing then take out the garbage for them. They can’t e everywhere, doing everything along with all the hard work just getting ready for the party! And remember the should be able to enjoy the party too with a little help from their guests.

When you are a guest at someone else’s house…
..for sure don’t hit the mailbox or another car on your way out of the driveway.