Recently, I spoke to Kira (a certified wine expert) about love, work, hobbies, and of course, entertaining at the home. A few things I discovered from our conversation about the type of person Kira is: she is not one who is intimidated easily if you mention seafood (she wants it so fresh that it is still swimming); if you ask her to go bungee jump off a cliff she will be first in line; if you suggest a far-off place to visit that is no problem for her bag is always packed for the airport.

In addition to the above examples of who Kira is, she is also noted to fill her days by being a standup comic who has also done numerous voice overs, modeling, and on-camera acting gigs.

However, it is her new adventure that brought¬†us together…Kira is currently developing a television show called Corkscrew Adventures. As Kira puts it “Corkscrew Adventures is a show for people who want to swallow that wine, skip the spit bucket, and do their bucket list now no matter what their age”.

I am sure after viewers watch her show they will be booking their own trips to duplicate her exciting adventures at and around wineries.

While at one of her homes, whether it be in California or New Zealand, Kira loves to cook and try new dishes all while enjoying good conversation with the variety of guests she invites.

During our interview, I got the following insights into Kira’s home entertaining life:

KiraBike5x7web.1Who is your favorite celebrity chef?
Nadia G

The first dish you did on your own?
Mom’s Key Lime Pie and on a scale of 1 – 10 she gave herself a 7 for the first time, but now that it has been tweaked over many years her new version is off the scale.

What is the one thing you always do at home when entertaining?
Always has a lit candle in the guest bathroom, since switch is on the outside of the room.

What is the oldest thing in your kitchen?
Mother’s silver platters and mint julep cups.

Name three things always in your refrigerator?
Cheese, wine, and pickles.

On average, how many times do you entertain at home?
7 times a year.

What is the best part about being a guest at someone else’s home?
Getting that extra glimpse into the host’s life and meeting new people?

One liquor you always have on hand?
Bourbon, since I am originally from Kentucky.

Favorite after dinner drink to serve?

KiraFoodPairing400kName an ingredient you have not cooked with, but would love to one day?
Truffle butter from my local farmer’s market.

Advise on entertaining at home?
Invite an interesting mix of people to make conversation livelier.

Advise to get people out of the kitchen and to other areas of the home?
Put the bar/drink station in another area besides kitchen.

Are you known for any particular party at your home?
Yes, my annual “Scaryoke” Halloween party, where no one is intimidated to karaoke since they are hidden behind a costume.