Summer 2013

Summertime; what is there not to like? Ok maybe the mosquitoes and Japanese beetles, but not much else brings my summer mood down.
Summertime is a great time to get together and party with others. However, I have a few ideas to inspire you to help make your guests feel welcome and cool.

•    Even if you have an air conditioner running, still run several fans to help circulate the air.
•    If the ice is melting in coolers & keeping drinks cold is an issue, partially freeze some drinks in plastic containers before placing in coolers.
•    If entertaining is something you do often in the summer, I would recommend investing in a misting fan for guests to enjoy.
•    Providing shade is a must when entertaining outdoors.  So plan to have some parasols, table umbrellas, or have a few individual umbrellas that attach to the back of chairs.
•    Don’t make heat; keep the grill, oven, and stove off whenever possible!

In keeping with the theme of not producing heat, check out the following link for numerous dishes that don’t require grilling, baking, or cooking.

Have a cool summer and party on!

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