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Summertime Drink

Ingredients: Ice Few sprigs of mint Vodka Fresh squeezed lemonade Serves 1 Directions: Add 2 or 3 mint leaves and muddle. Add ice, shot of vodka; pour in lemonade to fill glass, and garnish with another mint leaf or two.

Hint of Cucumber Water

Ingredients: Pitcher of water ¼ of a cucumber; sliced Serves 4 Directions: Fill pitcher with water. Then, add sliced cucumbers. Then, refrigerate several hours and serve chilled. Optional: Slice additional cucumbers to garnish the glass with, so that guests can eat.

Butterscotch Hot Chocolate

Ingredients: Your Favorite Hot Chocolate 1 Shot Glass of Butterscotch Schnapps Serves 1 Directions:
 Make hot chocolate per directions on package, pour in a
mug, stir in butterscotch schnapps, and enjoy! Optional:
 Use peppermint schnapps instead.
Marshmallows sprinkled on top.

Trick or Treat Drink

Ingredients: Black colored sugar Orange soda Directions: Dip rim of glass in some water, then dip in bowl full of black colored sugar Pour orange soda and enjoy Optional: Try alternative orange drinks: screwdriver, tropical fruit punch, etc.