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Melon with Prosciutto Appetizer

Ingredients: Cantaloupe melon Wafer thin sliced prosciutto Toothpicks/small appetizer forks Directions: Wash melon, cut in half, clean out seeds, and scoop out remaining melon with a melon baller. Typically need to cut prosciutto in half and fold over a time or two to get a small size to go with size of melon ball (or wrap prosciutto around melon). Insert toothpick or fork to secure in place. Optional: Garnish plate with basil, parsley, or Parmesan cheese for guests to add

Michelle’s Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Ingredients: 2 cups of non-dairy dark chocolate (here I am using chips but you can use block chocolate) 2 TBS organic cocoa 1/2 cup vanilla almond or vanilla coconut milk 3 TBS maple syrup 1 1/2 packages of silken Japanese tofu 1/2 Tsp. arrowroot as a binder 1 TBS vanilla extract 1/4 cup granulated sweetener of your choice (organic cane, stevia, xylitol, etc) Directions: The first thing we want to do is put our tofu in a food processor and blend until smooth. Once that is smooth, we need to melt our chocolate. You can use a double boiler or simply use two sauce pans and place a small amount of water in the bottom pan and put ...

Tropical Banana Smoothie

Ingredients: 3 Bananas 2 Cups of pineapple coconut juice 1 Cups of ice 1 8 oz./or 1 container of vanilla yogurt 1 8 oz. container of diced pineapple or 1 Cup of fresh pineapple Serves 4 Directions: Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. If smaller blender, place only ½ of the ingredients in at a time. Garnish with fresh pineapple slices. Optional: Add 2 Tbsp. of flax seeds Instead of yogurt from refrigerator, use frozen yogurt