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Summertime Drink

Ingredients: Ice Few sprigs of mint Vodka Fresh squeezed lemonade Serves 1 Directions: Add 2 or 3 mint leaves and muddle. Add ice, shot of vodka; pour in lemonade to fill glass, and garnish with another mint leaf or two.

My 10 Favorite Hostess Gifts for Summer

Oil & vinegar; cookies & milk; champagne & orange juice; just like SUMMER & PARTIES  all of these go hand in hand.  Maybe you might get an invite to a roof top for cocktails, a front porch for brunch, a classic BBQ with a smell that lingers thru the whole neigborhood.  Whatever kind of party it is you get invited to, you should not attend without a hostess gift.   With so many parties held during the summer I suggest stocking up on a hostess gift or two that can be ordered online, saved, and then available at a later date.  Therefore, eliminate the stress of deciding on the perfect hostess gift and choose from my 10 favorite ...

Summer Broccoli Salad

Ingredients: 2 heads of broccoli 1 cup of red onions 2 cups of chunky shredded cheddar cheese ¼ cup of sugar 1 cup of mayonnaise 1 tbsp. red wine vinegar 2 tbsp. milk ½ cup of cooked bacon bits Serves 4 – 6
 Directions: In large bowl first mix together sugar, mayonnaise, vinegar,
and milk.
Next add chopped broccoli, chopped onion, and cheese.
Then sprinkle the bacon on before serving. Serve in a large bowl or individual bowls. Serving Options:
 Make the night before and refrigerate until serving. This allows dressing to marinate into salad.
Add large pieces of broccoli or onions for décor purposes ...

Hint of Cucumber Water

Ingredients: Pitcher of water ¼ of a cucumber; sliced Serves 4 Directions: Fill pitcher with water. Then, add sliced cucumbers. Then, refrigerate several hours and serve chilled. Optional: Slice additional cucumbers to garnish the glass with, so that guests can eat.

Summer 2013

Summertime; what is there not to like? Ok maybe the mosquitoes and Japanese beetles, but not much else brings my summer mood down.
Summertime is a great time to get together and party with others. However, I have a few ideas to inspire you to help make your guests feel welcome and cool. •    Even if you have an air conditioner running, still run several fans to help circulate the air. •    If the ice is melting in coolers & keeping drinks cold is an issue, partially freeze some drinks in plastic containers before placing in coolers. •    If entertaining is something you do often in the summer, I would recommend investing in a ...

Summer 2012

It is the start of summer and all the possibilities it has in store for entertaining.  The delicate warm mornings are a wonderful time to sit outside and have breakfast with the ones closest to you.  My favorite is fresh squeezed orange juice that shares a glass with some champagne; this is how a majority of champagne gets finished in my house. Breakfast is also a wonderful time for either planning the rest of the weekend plans, the upcoming week, or starting bigger plans.  So get the eggs scrambling, the coffee brewing, the meat sizzling, the bread warmed, and the ideas flowing for what kind of entertaining party you want to host this summer at ...