Winter 2012

The most festive party season of all year has to be in December.  The pressure is on from all angles: shopping, hosting, and attending parties.  As our country has had to deal with some recent tragedies, the economy is still tough on most, lets all remember that less is sometimes more.

I recently attended a party, that over the past years has had lots of food, people, noise, etc.  However, this year circumstances have made it more intimate with less of everything and all I can say is it was a wonderful party!  I didn’t over-eat or drink and I had the opportunity to have nice conversations with the few guests that were there.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still encouraging the house parties that have the ‘wow’ factor, but sometimes small and less is all that you or anyone else needs. So appreciate this time of togetherness with others you party with, whether it comes from family, neighbors, friends, co-workers.  And remember that you don’t have to feel the need to go big all the time.

A side dish….in November I was a part of a Food and Wine Festival and raffled off a festive table setting and am proud to announce that the winner was Josh.  Also, at this festival I met an award winning drink inventor, Jimmy Luv of Jimmy Luv’s bloody mary mix and had a chance to interview him so check out the interview on the Profiles page!

Hoping you receive as many invites as you wish for in 2013.

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